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Main guidelines

Post by Dragon Man on Tue Jul 08, 2008 5:52 pm

Hello everyone,

We've created just a few guidelines for you to follow to ensure that not only that you have a good time here, but that we can maintain a nice and friendly atmosphere for the website, to make it a pleasant place for everyone!

Treat members as you would want to be treated
First off, we can assure you that we don't support any kind of mistreatment of any member of this website. It will be dealt with by us as quickly as possible and to help us, if you see/read about any sort of bullying/threat please inform any member of staff as soon as you can.

We do not allow any kind of unsuitable material
Many computer users are under 18 and any unsuitable material (pornography, racism etc.) will not be accepted, it will be quickly removed and the person who posted it will be issued a warning.

Flaming, spamming etc.

We don't accept these kind of things, posting like throlling and spamming will be deleted. Avoid when possible please, let's keep this community friendly!

A section might oepn up in the near future for advertising of websites, but any advertising found where it shouldn't be, will be removed and the poster will be warned.

As we are a gaming community, items like reviews are to only be made by you! It's ok to post links to other peoples reviews/release comments, but do not steal them!

Double Posting
If you have double posted without leaving a gap of about 24 hours, then the new post will be merged with your previous post and you will be given a warning as it is almost spamming.

That's it, please enjoy the site !
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