[DS] Guitar Hero On Tour!

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[DS] Guitar Hero On Tour!

Post by Dragon Man on Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:25 pm

Guitar Hero is now portable with it's newest outing onto the DS, it is a superb new game taking advantage of all of the ds's features. You can hold the DS without even holding it as the people who made the game have developed something called the Guitar Grip that has the keys essential for playing (It only has 4 instead of 5 keys) and comes with a modified stylus in the shape of a pick to strum the guitar hero guitar.

It also is jam packed with songs from artists like Ozzy Ozbourne, Smash Mouth and blink 182!

I recommend getting it because it is a brilliant game, you can now rock wherever you want!

Box art:

A review of this will be coming!! (As soon as I've finished rocking Razz )
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