The Contributors Award

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The Contributors Award

Post by Dragon Man on Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:10 pm

When you contribute something major to the forum, it doesn't go unrecognized, as we'll award you something in return, it is known here as the Contributors Award!

Contributors Awards are offered to you if you do the following things:

- Suggest 5 absolutely brilliant ideas the Suggestion Box, and they get added to the site.
- Donate a set of graphics.
- Donate a lot of cheats to the main section of the forum

And many more that we'll tell you about when you are offered the award...

What you get in return:
- Your username is put onto our Contributor's Register in honour of your recognition.
- The sought after Contributor's Rank:

-Access to our VIP section of the forum Razz

Get contributing lol!
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